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Dr. Scheiman is an internationally known practitioner, lecturer, and researcher in the field of vision therapy. Read more about him here.

Dr. Scheiman is no longer seeing new patients. Instead, a new doctor, Dr. Lynn Trieu will see all new patients.

From Dr. Scheiman:
"I have worked with Lynn Trieu for a number of years and I can assure you that she is a thoroughly compassionate clinician, a kind and hard-working person, and that her philosophy of care is very similar to mine. She will go above and beyond to get the best possible results for you."

Dr. Trieu is a recognized expert in the field of vision therapy, board-certified at the highest level, and has lectured internationally in the field.

Please see Dr. Trieu's website to learn more about her background and care:

20/20 Vision Is Not Enough


A vision test shows that you have clear vision, but you still have trouble reading comfortably or concentrating for more than several minutes.

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